Review: The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo And Fit With Photos

Samsung last year announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 together with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, then this year after launching the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung decided to upgrade the Gear with Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, Early this year when i got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, i would i have gotten the Samsung Galaxy Gear but because i don’t have much money to buy it, i decided to leave it and keep on using my Note 3 :).

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The Hardware Of The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo And Fit

The hardware is something much more to talk about when getting a gadget, the Gear comes with Amoled Display and has the screen resolution of 128×432 Pixels, The display is well okay, The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is of that formal one which looks like Wrist watch, although all of them are wrist watch but you should get what am saying, While the Samsung Galaxy Fit is Parralel when you wear it on your wrist. It comes with a small Clip at the back of the Gear when fixed together to enable you charging and comes with a Mirco USB 2.0 charger, After charging then your remove the clip. It’s weigh 27grams and comes with 2 small posts that will allow you to wear the watch comfortably on your Wrist. The Gear 2 have Camera while the Fit doesn’t have Camera

The Software Of The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo And Fit

As we know all Mobile Operating System which comes from Samsung right now runs on Android Operating System and let expect the Samsung Gear to come with Android operating System. Although no Menu on it just like the phone but it comes with 5 Navigation which will allow you to navigate any where you’re looking for on the Phone. You can set Notification for Apps like SMS, Email e.t.c It comes with Stop Watch, Recorder and so on.

Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Gear 2 And Samsung Gear 2 Neo Comparisons

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Our next updates will be coming soon on Unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo And Fit.

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