Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3: Comparison And Difference In Samsung Flagships

Everyone is already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released October 2013 last year and the new Samsung Galaxy S5 which is released this year, The different between the Phone and The Phablet, there are much comparison between this device and some difference between them.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is sold for $700 while the Samsung Galaxy Note Is Sold for $590 in Amazon Store, There are some reasons while this Galaxy S5 price beats the Note 3 price which will be discussed later.

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Software & Inbuilt Extras

The Samsung Galaxy S5 runs the latest Android Version 4.4 Kitkat which the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also runs. The Samsung Galaxy S5 mainly has inbuilt Health & Fitness Apps which the Note 3 cames with Style Pen. And the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Fingerprint Sensor.

Hardware Specifications

s5 vs note 3

Comparison & Difference In Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 3

The front camera of the Galaxy S5 is 2MP and that of Note 3 is also 2MP, The Back/Primary Camera of Galaxy S5 is 16MP and that of Note 3 is 13MP, They both run latest version of Android OS 4.4 kitkat, The battery of Galaxy S5 is 2,800mAh and that of Note 3 is 3,200mAh, The Ram of the Galaxy S5 is 2GB and that of Note 3 Is 3GB,. e.t.c

Picture Of Galaxy S5 And Note 3

galaxy s5

note 3

Which one would you choose?


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