5 Best Ways To Save Your Android Battery

Sometimes i prefer using phones without internet connection or phones that does has Apps or Games because of my battery, I can charge my Land Rover Phone for a day and used it for almost a week without charging it, But what of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? I charged it every single day, but later on i discovered some Tricks which will make the battery last longer which will make charge they phone is the night. Am going to explain the 5 Best Ways To Save Your Android Battery which i used on my Note 3.

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Reduce Brightness

First thing that makes your Android battery get low immediately is your Screen brightness, Always use auto or use the brightness mode in the middle, when you increase it to the full that is when your battery will get low immediately. And another steps is Screen Timeout, always set it to atleast 30seconds is okay than leaving it in 1Minutes, to avaoid your battery been run down immediately.

Close Down Running Apps In Taskbar

Always close the Taskbar Apps when you're not using it, because if you didn't close it, it will keep on running and will make your battery drain immediately, There are so many task bar Apps like Greenify and others you can find it in the Playstore.

Switch Of Wifi & 3G

If you're not using Wifi or if you're not in a location where there is Wifi always switch it off, because if you didn't switch it off, it will make your battery drain fast. It will keep on Scanning for available Wifi and keeps on scanning which will drain your battery quickly. Always switch off WIFI. And always switch of 3G and put it to 2G since you're not browsing with it and not making video calls with it.

Switch Of Location

If you don't know that Location is among what makes your battery get low immediately,. If you turn it ON, And you're connected to Internet again how many mAh is your battery? All these will make your Battery low, i will advise you to Turn It off.

Switch of NFC

Near field communication should be switch of immediately when not in used, These are among what makes Android battery gets drain immediately. Android Beam just make sure you switch it off when not in used.

Did You Have Any way to save Android Battery and make it last longer? Let's hear from you.

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