Google Playstore Boasts More Downloads Than Apple App Store

Reports from App Annie mobile application statistics company which rank app has published a new reports that both Android And iOS Apps have been doing on well this year 2014, Android has 60% And 40% respectively, And gave Android Playstore more downloads than iOS Appstore. But in terms of revenues App Store much revenue than the Playstore and far behind, 80% revenue from Apple comes from AppStore. United States, Brazil And India are the top three countries that downloaded Mosts Apps from [Continue Reading...]

The Popular Game Known As Temple Run Has Reached 1 Billion Downloads

The developer behind the game Temple Run Imangi Studios, Where the platforms are available for Android, iOS and Windows phone and other platforms like the blackberry Z series. The developer of the game also shared some statistics of the game that is mostly downloaded by Women and China has 36% downloads and 21% US, and some other country and so on. Are you really a fan of the game Temple Run? What's the highest scores have you reached without using Mods/Cheats? I have managed to reach 1Million [Continue Reading...]

How To ROOT Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Kitkat V4.4.2 With CF-Autoroot

I just Flashed my Note 3 when there is no more space on My 32GB to get it free, After am done with the flashing i forgot how i rooted my Note 3 with CF-Autoroot then i started installing Clock Work Mode Recovery (CWM) and downloaded the UPDATE-SuperUSer, which didn't work it usually gives an error E: Failed when trying to install the SuperUser fprm the recovery mode. Then later on I remembered that the last time I upgraded my Note 3 To Kitkat v4.4.2 i use Cf-Autoroot to Root my phone. And here am [Continue Reading...]

Top 5 Must Installed FREE Apps For Android Device For Every Students

We all students, Isn't it? We sleep and wake up with our gadget not with our books, Since we do that we need something on our device which make everything easier for us in learning and help us in our academic. Am going to explain The best App which i have used so far which has really helped alot in every aspect of my reading and i decided to share this Apps with you. And am i going to add the link to the Playstore for easy access. You Might Like:- Top 10 HD Games For Your Android Phones 1. ADOBE [Continue Reading...]

Top 10 Best HD Games For Android Phones

Here am going to tell you the best HD Android games which i enjoyed playing on my Note 3, i loved playing Games on my phone whenever am less busy and i have nothing to do, Although there are still some HD games which is not going to be among the Games am going to list here,. For your phone to be able to run this games must have a good RAM and Memory Space, so let's continue. You Might Like:- Android Games And Apps For Your Device 1. FIFA 2. STRIKE TEAM: CALL OF DUTY 3. REALBOXING 4. [Continue Reading...]

5 Best Ways To Save Your Android Battery

Sometimes i prefer using phones without internet connection or phones that does has Apps or Games because of my battery, I can charge my Land Rover Phone for a day and used it for almost a week without charging it, But what of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? I charged it every single day, but later on i discovered some Tricks which will make the battery last longer which will make charge they phone is the night. Am going to explain the best ways which i usually used to make my Note 3 battery last longer. You [Continue Reading...]

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3: Comparison And Difference In Samsung Flagships

Everyone is already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released October 2013 last year and the new Samsung Galaxy S5 which is released this year, The different between the Phone and The Phablet, there are much comparison between this device and some difference between them. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is sold for $700 while the Samsung Galaxy Note Is Sold for $590 in Amazon Store, There are some reasons while this Galaxy S5 price beats the Note 3 price which will [Continue Reading...]

How To Create Bootable Kali Linux Using USB With Win32disk On Windows

Have you ever looked for a way on How To Create Bootable Kali Linux Using USB With Win32disk On Windows but couldn't find it? Then i usually install Kali Linux to my PC with Virtualmachine then later on i decided to install it on my PC and i tried looking for a way on How to extract it to my USB i tried other softwares but couldn't do the work for me. Then later on i came across this Win32disk which is very fast and recommendable for you guys to use whenever you want to create bootable Kali Linux [Continue Reading...]

Which One Is Better: Vmware Workstation OR Virtualbox

Hello guys here is a post on which one of these Virtual machine is the best for you, what is the advantages and disadvantages of these Virtual machine either Vmware workstation Or Virtualbox and what’s your experience? The reason you like one of them? What are the features you think you enjoy among these Virtual machine? I have Installed and Tested both Vmware workstation and Virtualbox on my computer and i see the difference. And here am going to explain everything about them. Let’s start [Continue Reading...]

Review: The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo And Fit With Photos

Samsung last year announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 together with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, then this year after launching the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung decided to upgrade the Gear with Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, Early this year when i got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, i would i have gotten the Samsung Galaxy Gear but because i don’t have much money to buy it, i decided to leave it and keep on using my Note 3 :). You Might Like:- Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3: Comparison And Difference In Samsung Flagships The [Continue Reading...]